What Is Standard Bank Cellphone Banking Code?

How do I check my standard bank balance on my phone?

Dial *120*2345# and follow the prompts to register.Activate cellphone banking with your card number and online banking password..

How do I reset my standard bank cellphone banking?

You can reset your CSP and password using a one-time password (OTP). Click on Reset Password and CSP and enter your card number and ATM PIN when logged into Internet Banking. You will then be prompted to create a new CSP and password.

How do I change my standard bank cellphone banking number?

Re: changing cell number You will need to register the new number. Please call 0860 238 837 or visit your nearest branch for assistance.

What is Standard Bank cellphone banking number?

0860 238 837All you have to do is activate cellphone banking on your profile. Once you’re registered for cellphone banking, all you need to do is dial *120*2345# or go to standardbank.mobi from your cellphone browser and start transacting. 3) Call us on 0860 238 837.

How do I buy airtime using standard bank cellphone banking?

Airtime rechargeHow do I buy airtime using cellphone banking? You can either dial *120*2345# and select the prepaid recharge option, or to use the Quick Top Up service simply dial *130*2345#Can I purchase airtime for someone else? … I’ve made an incorrect prepaid purchase.

How does Standard Bank cellphone banking work?

Bank securely from your cellphone – anywhere, anytime. Get access to your bank accounts by dialling *120*2345# and pay your bills, buy data, and make payments.

How do I register for cellphone banking?

How to register for Cellphone BankinginContact customers: Dial *120*321# on your cellphone and select “More Features” from the menu.Online: Log on to www.fnb.co.za and click on the “Settings” tab.At an FNB ATM: Go to “More Options” or “My Banking Options” on the menu and select “Register for Cellphone Banking”.More items…

How do I change my standard bank cellphone banking PIN?

Enter the following details:Your Standard Bank card number.Your ATM PIN associated with the card.Your ID/passport number.Your cellphone number.The one-time password (OTP) sent to your cellphone number.On the next screen, create a new password for your Standard Bank ID.

How do you use the Standard Bank app?

Do not divulge any Android or iOS passcode or recovery security questions to anyone claiming to be from either Apple or Google store….Download the banking app from App store or Google Play.Set up your profile using your email address and create your password.Link your accounts and cards to the app and start banking.