What Is Split Limit?

How do split limits work?

With split limits, three separate dollar amounts apply to each accident.The first limit is a per person limit: the maximum amount that will be paid to any one injured person.The second limit is a per occurrence limit: the maximum amount that will be paid to all injured persons.More items….

What does each part of the split limit represent ex $250000 /$ 500000 /$ 100000?

Using this example, the first number means that $250,000 would be paid for bodily injury to each person, $500,000 is the amount of bodily injury that would be paid to all persons per accident, and $100,000 refers to the amount of all property damage that would be paid per accident.

What does 500k CSL mean?

If you’re asking, “what does 500k CSL mean?” it just means that your liability limit is $500,000.

What is a CSL?

Often, commercial insurance carriers write policies that group all damages, both property, and injury, into one level of coverage called a combined single limit (CSL) policy. … As it turns out, the tractor trailer is owned by a company that carriers insurance with a $300,000 Combined Single Limit policy.

How do you split a limit?

The only way the split limit policy will pay the $300,000 maximum is if three different people each have $100,000 in claims. Split limit policies set liability in numbers to represent the limit per claim. For example, a split limit policy may impose limits like 100/300/50.

What does is mean if the coverage limits are $250000 /$ 500000?

Answer given on November 11, 2017. In auto insurance, liability limits are offered as a single limit or, as in your case, “split limits”. The $250,000/$500,000 allows a payment of up to $250,000 per person for bodily injury and a total of $500,000 per accident.

What does 100k CSL mean?

bodily injury coverage per personHere’s what it means: $100k of bodily injury coverage per person/$300k bodily injury limit per accident/$100k of property damage. Here’s what it really means: If you cause an accident and three people in the other car have $100k each worth of medical bills as a result and two $50k cars are destroyed — you’re covered.

What is the difference between split limits and single limit coverage?

Split Limit liability coverage provides a specific limit per person for bodily injury and a total amount the insurance company will pay for all injury as a result of one accident. … A Single Limit policy provides one total amount that the insurer will pay for bodily injury and property damage as a result of one accident.

What does CSL mean on an insurance policy?

Combined single limitCombined single limit (CSL) CSL is a single number that describes the predetermined limit for the combined total of the Bodily Injury Liability coverage and Property Damage Liability coverage per occurrence or accident.

What is single limit?

Combined single limit policies–also called single limit policies–are frequently used with automobile insurance. The combined single limit means there’s a maximum amount of money that’s paid out, which covers all aspects of damage such as bodily injury and property damage.

What does per person per accident mean?

The per-person limit applies to each person injured in an accident. … That means if one person is injured in a car accident, the most your bodily injury liability would pay for all of their medical expenses is $50,000.

Is single limit more expensive than split limit?

Single Limit Liability coverage is often more expensive than Split Limit coverage. For individuals with no assets to protect, and who wish to avoid higher auto insurance premiums, the benefits of a Single Limit Liability policy may not justify the higher premiums.

What does a liability insurance limit of 25 50 10 mean?

For example, an insurance policy with split limits of 25/50/10 means $25,000 is the maximum amount payable by the policy for the bodily injury per person; $50,000 is the maximum payable by the policy per accident; the third number deals with property damage, which is discussed below.

Which number in a 250 500 100 split limit pays for injuries to all others after a car accident?

The first number 25 stands for $25,000. This is you maximum coverage for bodily injury liability for one person injured in one accident or incident. The second one number 50 stands for $50,000. This is your maximum coverage for bodily injury liability for all persons injured in one accident.

What is a 100 300 100 liability policy?

Liability. Buy at least standard 100/300/100 coverage, which translates into $100,000 coverage per person for bodily injury, including death, that you cause to others; $300,000 in BI per accident; and property damage up to $100,000.