Quick Answer: What Color Goes Best With Red Brick House?

Should your storm door match your front door?

*Colors and hardware: The color of your storm door’s frame shouldn’t compete with the primary exterior door.

Choices can include white, off-white, gray, brown, green, black and red.

Choose the same metal finish for your storm door’s locks and hardware as are on your primary exterior door..

Does gray go with red brick?

Bricks are naturally toned down but that doesn’t mean neutrals are your only option as the main color. For example, gold with a dollop of gray mixed in is beautiful with warm red bricks. Other muted colors can work equally well.

What is the best Colour for Windows?

For a more modern feel, cool colors might be better, which consist of greens, blues, purples, and grays. Keeping the colors of the house in the same palette, cool or warm, keeps the look coordinated. There can still be contrast, such as beige frames for windows in a red brick house.

Will GREY windows go out of fashion?

We think not; grey might even be the new white! … Despite the surge in demand for traditional window profiles, such as flush sash and sliding sash windows, grey is still a sought-after colour for East Midlands homeowners with traditional or modern properties.

What colors go well with a red brick house?

Sage green + taupe: Because red and green are complementary colors, these exterior paint colors work well with red brick homes. In a muted shade like sage, the green brings out the color of the brick without overwhelming it.

What is the best shutter color for red brick house?

Best Color Shutters for Red Brick House Red brick homes are classic and timeless. Enhance its traditional elegance with dark shutters, such as black or navy. The best color shutters for a brick house also come in natural tones like dark green, copper or beige. These elegant shades bring out the richness of the brick.

What Colour windows go with red brick?

Choosing coloured windows is down to personal preference, but as a general rule, light coloured frames suit stone or buff coloured houses; grey or dark colours can stand out against red brick, and dark colours and metallics often work well in modern, contemporary properties.

What color deck goes with red brick?

Homes with a reddish-brown brick exterior or reddish-brown siding may want to avoid dark brown decking colors. Gray composite decking will provide an attractive color contrast and complement the brick color.

What Colour windows go with yellow brick?

A yellow brick with cream coloured UPVC windows might look a bit insipid for example. If the architecture has quite a lot of colour in it, it might be wise to go for a more classic tone like white or grey to keep things muted.

Should your front door color match your shutters?

Should they match the front door? Should they match the trim? Your shutters should coordinate well with these other items, but they absolutely don’t have to be the same colors as each other. One option is to use the same color, but a lighter or darker shade of the paint, adding variety without the risk of clashing.

What color front door goes with a red brick house?

Although this traditional material goes well with nearly everything, the best front door paint colors for red brick houses are often dark, contrasting hues. Hunter greens, gunmetal grays, blues, or hybrid colors that are a mix of one or two rich colors are especially stunning paired with classic white or cream trim.

Is red brick out of style?

While classic red brick is always in style, in recent years, gray bricks and limewashed bricks that give a house a vintage whitewashed look are popping up in new housing developments. Homeowners can further customize the look by choosing from a handful of mortar colors, ranging from white to deep gray.

What color goes best with brick?

The Perfect Paint Colors to Compliment Exposed BrickRed with Red. Pair those dusty red bricks with a vibrant touch of red paint. … Soft Greens and Mint. The cooling color of pastel mint will brighten up the earthy tones of the exposed brick. … Neutral Tan. You can never go wrong with neutral colors. … Trendy Orange. … Classic White.